General Warranty Terms & Conditions

Leoch warrants to the original purchaser that its batteries are free of defects in material and workmanship. A battery will not be considered defective unless it fails to deliver 80% or less of its rated capacity during the claimed warranty period. This is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied including any warranties which extend beyond the description of the face hereof. In no event shall Leoch be liable for consequential or incidental losses or damages. The repaired or replacement battery shall complete the remaining portion of the warranty for the original battery.

Warranty Conditions:

  • Each battery, unless mentioned, must be the proper size, design, and capacity for its intended application at 25 degrees Centigrade.
  • Battery maintenance should be done according to IEEE Standard 1184 .
  • The permissible continuous AC ripple voltage at the battery terminals shall not exceed 0.5% RMS (1.5% peak to peak) of the float charge voltage. Maximum voltage shall not exceed 1.5% RMS (4% P-P), ripple current allowed < C/20.
  • The Limited Warranty will be void if breakage of container and cover or breakage/deformation of terminal due to mechanical shock like hammering, removal of vents caps, tampering or removing of batch code & label are found.
  • The limited warranty does not cover damage due to neglect or abuse such as improper installation, misuse, freezing, fire, flooding, physical impact,or any acts of nature.
  • Registration, installation, and periodic inspection reports are to be maintained by the User and made available to Leoch on request as required to support any warranty claim. At least once every six months, the User shall complete an inspection report recording readings and record information like surface temperatures, and float voltages (Open Circuit Voltage). These records must be maintained for warranty claim purposes.
  • All maintenance functions have been performed as recommended in the Leoch Operation & Maintenance manual. Leoch reserves the right to refuse the claims of warranty due to any operations which are not executed in accordance with the manual.
  • The warranty period shall be adjusted based on actual operating conditions such as temperature and frequency of charge/discharge cycles as published by Leoch. The warranty period will be reduced by 50% for every 8 Degrees Centigrade increase in operating temperature above 25ºC (77ºF) (Base Temperature).
  • Batteries or systems shall be provided with a refresh charge every 3~6 months, while in storage, prior to final installation.
  • The User agrees that the manufacturer’s representative shall have access to equipment furnished hereunder for purposes of inspection at reasonable hours and intervals.
  • Leoch will not be responsible for any engineering costs associated with warranty claims.
  • The Limited Warranty will be void if batteries are installed in connection with different models or different brands of batteries.
  • All defective and replaced batteries are subject to return to Leoch at its discretion. Freight charges for the return (only) may be billed back to Leoch if they have been confirmed as defective after analysis. Defective and returned batteries become the property of Leoch.

Claims Process:

  • Contact original point of purchase for instructions on applicable warranty claim procedures.
  • Upon satisfactory proof of claim as determined by Leoch, it shall replace, at its discretion, any defective battery as outlined above, exclusive of labour.
  • Leoch will not accept any product for return, credit or exchange unless expressly authorised by Leoch in writing and returned prepaid to our plant.

Leoch shall not be liable for, and the User shall indemnify Leoch from any claims and liabilities arising from the use, maintenance, transportation or installation of any equipment warranted hereunder. The foregoing limited warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The sole liability of Leoch is set forth under the claims paragraph above. Leoch shall not have any liability for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages.

The limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the equipment. Warranty is non-transferrable and is governed by and construed under EU laws.