Leoch battery quality recognised by Jaguar Land Rover

February 4, 2022

The Leoch Group has been awarded the JLR Excellent Supplier Award – an award that is highly sought after and well respected in the automotive industry.

Every year Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) recognises its top suppliers with its Supplier Excellence Awards. Typically, the company gives awards to around 13 of its 2500+ suppliers globally in recognition of their excellent performance in areas such as operational delivery, issue resolution, quality, flexibility, and their understanding of Jaguar Land Rover’s standards.

Leoch has been working with JLR since 2015 on a range of automotive battery projects, including supplying more than 120,000 AGM stop start batteries to JLR in China (CJLR) for use in its classic vehicles, and was recognised for its management systems, continuous improvements, and quality.

The Leoch automotive segment management team was presented with the award at a special ceremony at the Leoch Anhui manufacturing plant in China. During the ceremony, Ian Davis, director of Jaguar Land Rover supplier quality, said that Leoch was recognised for ‘continuously pushing forward to meet the global standard of Jaguar Land Rover for car products produced and sold in China’ and because ‘the comprehensive performance of Leoch in quality, delivery, service and other performance is excellent’. He also said that whilst the award is in recognition of past performance it is also ‘in expectation of the future, and we hope both sides will continue to cooperate and further deepen the relationship’.

This award is a huge honour for the Leoch Group as a whole and synonymous with our values of trust, honour, and improvement.

We look forward to continuing to work with Jaguar Land Rover on a wide range of projects in the future.

About LEOCH:

Leoch operates on a global market, with subsidiaries and sales offices in every region.

Leoch International Technology Limited is an international high tech enterprise, founded in 1999. It produces mainly reserve power batteries, SLI batteries and motive power batteries covering a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of industries, including Telecommunications, UPS Systems, Renewable Energy, IT, Power and Distribution Material Handling and Logistics, Leisure & Mobility, Transportation, etc.

Leoch maintains ten (10) regional manufacturing plants located in PRC, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam currently employing more than 14,000 people. LEOCH factories cover an area of more than 1 mil. sq.m. The 105 production lines and related testing equipment together with three (3) dedicated battery research and development centers constitute a strong and advanced manufacturing, research and development enterprise.

Leoch is the No. 1 lead acid exporter in China for the last 6 years, selling products to over 100 countries in the world while its annual turnover exceeds 1,75bil. US$ and has an annual production capacity of over 24GWH / year.

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