Leoch exhibits at Data Center World in Paris

Leoch France sas., will exhibit its comprehensive battery range for UPS systems and Datacenters in the forthcoming DCW Paris show on November 15-16.

Leoch will exhibit the new UPS Solution PU512V50, a lithium battery pack, as a high-voltage LFP solution for safe, powerful and compact UPS systems offering unparalleled performance safely up to 4C. Coming in many different variations and voltage ranges, to cover every requirement of our partners. Leoch LFP UPS Battery Pack Solution offers longer life expectancy, in a small footprint, and with improved efficiency, it reduces operational costs significantly.

In addition, the Pure Lead Xtreme Rate PLX Series, the AGM Valve-Regulated XP series and the AGM Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid LHR series will be also presented into the Iberian market.